Structural Health Monitoring in Dams

Early warning system with satellite-based InSAR technology

Remote SHM for Dams

Deformation monitoring of dams is key to avoid catastrophic loss of infrastructure and lives. Measuring and monitoring the deformations of these assets is a mandatory task due to the high risk they represent. These monitoring activities are usually based on geotechnical instruments (e.g., direct and inverted pendulum, inclinometers, tiltmeters, jointmeters) and geodetic-surveying methods (e.g., leveling, trilateration, triangulation, angular collimation, GNSS…). Although these methods are very accurate and reliable, they are often time-consuming and expensive, providing very punctual and isolated information.

Early warning solution for dams

DInSAR technology supports new and more effective methods of monitoring and analyzing dams’ integrity and trigger warning systems. Detektia’s near real-time tools provide valuable information with large sensitivity to displacements that highlight the behavior and anomalies of these structures.

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