Learn how to use EyeRADAR to monitor infrastructures

Measure historical and updated deformation time series, monitor structural health indices, receive early alerts of millimetric deformations… and much more!

Still not using a structural health monitoring software? EyeRADAR might help you.

1. Filter buildings affected by tunnelling works

In this video, we show you how EyeRADAR helps you easily selecting a set of damaged buildings in a custom area. In this case, we show buildings affected by differential seating occurred between 2015 and 2021 in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid). This area is still affected by the construction of line 7B of the Madrid metro. Once affected buildings have been filtered, you can easily analyse the series of deformations in the vertical axis in the analysed period.

2. In-situ data comparison

EyeRADAR allows you to analyse historical topography series with DInSAR results. This video shows how easy is to compare deformations measured with DInSAR decomposed on the vertical axis with the levelling series at the crest of the dam. A double check on deformation measurements and obtaining information where topography and instrumentation do not reach is important for managers.

3. Analyses historical levelling values

EyeRADAR allows to incorporate custom variables into the analysis. In this video, you can see that the historical series of settlement of the dam has a logarithmic shape. After zooming in on the graph, you can see that the vertical deformation measurement with DInSAR is similar. This information can be accessed in EyeRADAR in a few seconds for advanced analysis.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need to install any software to use EyeRADAR?

    Not at all! You just need an internet connection and a web browser.

    Can I know the historical behavior of a specific area or infrastructure?

    Of course you can! We use archival radar images to reconstruct the historical behavior of an infrastructure.

    Can I integrate EyeRADAR with my own software?

    Yes, we have implemented an API that allows you to easily integrate all the information into any other software (GIS, BIM or Digital Twins).

    In addition to alerts, do I have access to deformation time series?

    Of course you do! Historical and updated deformation time series, structural health indices of buildings and infrastructures, areas of similar behavior… Everything is available in your area of interest.