Landslide Prevention and Control

Early warning solutions for large-scale movement

Landslide failure prevention

A landslide is a large-scale movement of a mass of earth, rocks, debris, or geological material moving downhill. It is characterised by the displacement of large amounts of soil, caused by gravity and other factors such as erosion, soil saturation due to heavy rains, or terrain destabilisation by earthquakes or other geological activities. Landslides can vary in scale from slow and gradual movements to sudden and catastrophic events, and can cause significant damage to structures, transportation routes, and even pose a risk to human lives.

While it is possible to predict slopes that are prone to landslides, foreseeing the exact moment of a landslide is not always easy due to the numerous factors involved in the formation of these events.

The integration of DInSAR technology with other sources of information (precipitation, geology, topography, etc.) can play a crucial role in preventing disasters related to landslides, especially in large areas where traditional control techniques are not technically or economically feasible.

Detektia is formed by a team of experts in DInSAR technology and data science. Detektia develops models that allow estimating the probability of a landslide event in a given area by relating variables such as the acceleration of a slope’s movement (measured with DInSAR) with accumulated precipitation, soil moisture, geology, slope, terrain curvature, land use…

The day the probability of a landslide in a specific area exceeds a certain threshold, the system triggers  an alert.

Early warning solution for landslides

Knowledge of the historical charge/discharge cycles of landslides is fundamental information for foreseeing problems.

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