INSAR Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM)

Remotely assessing damage and durability

What do we assess with the new structural control and health monitoring solution?

DInSAR satellite technology measures small movements of the infrastructures with millimeter precision, without the need for ground instrumentation and being able to make historical studies of the last 25 years.  Our Building Health Indexes and forecasting algorithms easily identify anomalous changes over time on the assets and  trigger the alerts.


There are thousands of small and medium-sized dams without an efficient deformation monitoring system. In addition, traditional methods for detecting deformations and millimeter movements in infrastructure are punctual, costly, require continuous human intervention and do not allow the reconstruction of historical movements of the infrastructure.

Detektia’s revolutionary solution provides a high density of information on the evolution of dam deformations never known before.


Urban tunnels can cause settlements on surface damaging buildings and structures. Integrating near-real-time satellite-based measurements on deformations into the control systems increases the available information for the correct control and monitoring of these large urban works.


Detektia solves the scarce available information on embankment stability. Conventional solutions monitoring embankment stability using in-situ instrumentation are costly and not scalable. Linear infrastructures might cross terrains with high geotechnical complexity and high rainfall seasonality, being necessary to perform constant monitoring of embankments over large areas. In these cases, efficient monitoring using only ground-based instrumentation becomes unfeasible. The integration of satellite technologies makes it possible to have greater information coverage and make decisions with higher resolution and quality information.


The foundations of the “port of the future” are being built with focus on digitalization and automation of highly specialized terminals. In this context, the assessment and management of vulnerability and risks of port infrastructure is a key aspect.

Detektia proposes a new style of monitoring port infrastructures by integrating satellite imagery and Artificial Intelligence into the port’s data managements systems.

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    New era of structural health monitoring in civil engineering

    The integration of the infrastructure early warning alarms into the client data control systems increases:

    Resilience through easier and more efficient preventive maintenance.

    Safety and reduction of incidents through the improvement of an early warning systems.

    Reducing running cost of infrastructure due to the reduction of in-situ control instrumentation.

    Control efficiency in all the phases of the asset life-cycle.