EyeRADAR: generating early warning of infrastructure deformation

Unlock/Take advantage of the potential of satellite-based InSAR technology for decision making

Focus only on what is important

  • Managers are digitally notified when unexpected behavior in an infrastructure is detected.

Early warnings, more than data

EyeRADAR’s AI layer automatically detects ground deformation and infrastructure anomalies in near real-time.


Clustering provides quick insights
about the general behavior of the
ground over large areas.


The basis of our early warning
system. Alerts are triggered when
the prediction deviates from the
actual deformation.

Structural Health Indices

These change indices indicates whether
there have been changes before
and after a specific date.

Already have infrastructure management software? Discover the potential of EyeRadar API

EyeRadar API facilitates integration with any other infrastructure management software (GIS, BIM, Digital Twins…). You can benefit from its full potential without leaving your own tool. No learning curve, manage EyeRadar alerts and results from your own software.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need to install any software to use EyeRADAR?

    Not at all! You just need an internet connection and a web browser.

    Can I know the historical behavior of a specific area or infrastructure?

    Of course you can! We use archival radar images to reconstruct the historical behavior of an infrastructure.

    Can I integrate EyeRADAR with my own software?

    Yes, we have implemented an API that allows you to easily integrate all the information into any other software (GIS, BIM or Digital Twins).

    In addition to alerts, do I have access to deformation time series?

    Of course you do! Historical and updated deformation time series, structural health indices of buildings and infrastructures, areas of similar behavior… Everything is available in your area of interest.