EyeRADAR: bringing satellite technology to the civil engineering sector

Infrastructure managers receive continuous metrics and early alerts of millimetric deformations. Monitoring infrastructures using a single tool is possible thanks to EyeRADAR.

Do you already have your own software? Use our integration systems and harness the full potential of satellite technology in your own tool.

Why should you integrate satellite data into the deformation control process and how can EyeRADAR assist you in this process?

We are at a paradigm shift moment

Controlling deformations of large civil engineering projects solely with topographical campaigns and in-situ instrumentation is neither technically nor economically viable. We need to incorporate new data sources that allow us to more efficiently and safely manage our infrastructures. Sensors aboard satellites produce daily high-quality and high-resolution data. This information, combined with on-site measurements, will change the way we observe, manage, and operate our infrastructures.

EyeRADAR incorporates satellite radar technology into the civil engineering sector, providing infrastructure managers with continuous metrics and early warnings for millimetric deformations.

Much more than just an infrastructure monitoring tool:

Early warnings and real-time anomaly detection

Historical behavior description of the ground and infrastructures without the need for instrumentation

Satellite information combined with third-party APIs and on-site captured data

Compatibility with any software via API

All-in-one tool, integrated and multifunctional

Integrate DInSAR data into any platform with EyeRADAR´s API

EyeRADAR not only integrates and analyzes diverse data sources. You can do it in your own software. Thanks to EyeRADAR’s API, any software can easily integrate InSAR data, metrics, and early warnings.

If you already have geotechnical or infrastructure management software, you can leverage the potential of EyeRadar’s API. Any software (GIS, BIM, Digital Twins…) can benefit from all its capabilities without leaving your own tool. Without a learning curve, manage EyeRADAR alerts and results directly from your own software.

Combine EyeRADAR with the full potential of a GIS

Detektia’s QGIS plugin allows you to work with all the information from EyeRADAR within QGIS, the leading Open Source Geographic Information System. If you’re already a QGIS user, you can combine the power of a GIS with all the features of EyeRADAR.

Analyze deformations in 3D alongside LiDAR point clouds, and combine advanced site information (geology, work units, structural elements…) with the metrics and alerts generated by EyeRADAR.

DInSAR data, metrics and alerts in your pocket

With Detektia’s new mobile app, you can analyze deformation alerts right from the location where they’re occurring. You can install the application for Android devices for free.

EyeRADAR dashboards

Ensure the entire team has access to the same information.

EyeRADAR’s dashboards allow for tracking specific aspects of an infrastructure, area of interest, or deformation process. Detektia’s Machine Learning layer, combined with EyeRADAR’s database, access to meteorological APIs, and other data sources, enables the creation of dashboards with specific objectives in an efficient and agile manner.

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    Do you already have infrastructure management software? Harness the potential of the EyeRadar API

    EyeRadar offers an API that makes integration easy with any other infrastructure management software (GIS, BIM, Digital Twins…). This allows you to tap into its full capabilities without leaving your own tool. Without a learning curve, manage EyeRADAR alerts and results directly from your own software.

    This is what our customers have to say about EyeRADAR

    Frequent asked questions

    Do I need to install any software to use EyeRADAR?

    Not at all! You just need an internet connection and a web browser.

    Can I know the historical behavior of a specific area or infrastructure?

    Of course you can! We use archival radar images to reconstruct the historical behavior of an infrastructure.

    Can I integrate EyeRADAR with my own software?

    Yes, we have implemented an API that allows you to easily integrate all the information into any other software (GIS, BIM or Digital Twins).

    In addition to alerts, do I have access to deformation time series?

    Of course you do! Historical and updated deformation time series, structural health indices of buildings and infrastructures, areas of similar behavior… Everything is available in your area of interest.